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Business world is getting online ARE YOU?

The Indian e-commerce market was worth $13 billion in 2013. Online sales of retail goods totaled $1.6 billion in 2013, according to research firm Forrester, and are expected to reach $76 billion by 2021.

Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design

Are you looking for website with strong CUSTOMER MAGNATISM for e-business excellence?

  • We will help make your ecommerce website your most effective selling tool.
  • We provide complete ecommerce solution that help increase conversion rates.
  • We integrate your website with social media to help users engage with you online.
  • Our ecommerce content management system gives you full control.
  • We have budget friendly solutions.
  • Our ecommerce digital marketing experts help grow your business.
Target Insumer Special- Ecommerce Budget Friendly Package

Customize your e-store look and feel
Manage Home page, banners, content, email formats through WYSIWYG editor. Change backgroung colors, text color, font style/size according to your choice. Advanced users can use custom code allowing for flexibility and creativity.

Unlimited Product Attributes
Set unlimited product variations based on multiple attributes like size, color, length, brand etc. It allows users to quickly browse and narrow down the search based on different criteria. Attributes can be used to setup different pricing for variations of a single product. Each variation of a product can have its own image.

Smart filtering of products
Helps users to refine their search by filtering their products on the basis of different attributes like price, category, brand etc. It shows the number of products under each selection and the results show up in real time as the user makes his/her choice preventing users from getting lost. Customize the filters on the basis of products and their attributes.

Easy Checkout Page
An efficient checkout process with the ability to integrate with a variety of payment gateways makes our Checkout process very easy for the users.

Multi-featured customer accounts
Customer Account Section gives users the ability to access and edit their contact information, save items in their wishlist and share with friends and family, update address book, access purchase history and subscribe newsletter.

Keep in touch with customers
View online status of live Users, current page, products in cart for tracking real time customer behavior. Review order and navigation history to drive campaigns getting users to come back to your store.

Get Integration with 3rd party service providers
Purple Store comes pre-integrated with leading payment gateways, shipping service providers, affiliate marketing companies and mass mailing services.

Get found in Search Engines
If customers can't find your site, they can't buy from you. Purple Stores are SEO Ready with custom URLs, meta tags and ALT tags. Besides seo friendly site we provide complete DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES - SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing services.

Link up with Social Network Pages
Built-in sharing capabilities allowing for direct post of product details to social media. With just a few clicks, enjoy free and easy ways to extend your store's reach across the social websites like Facebook, Twitter.

Subscribe Newsletter
Reach out and retain customers with newsletter sign up process. Update customer subscription status from admin or directly by the user from My Account Section. Increase customer registration by using promotional offers for signing up.

Efficient store features
Bestsellers, Featured Products, Latest, Specials, Multi-Language, Manufactures
Information, Google Analytics, Google Talk, Affiliate managemen.

Multiple tax rates
Allows you to setup multiple tax zones so that the correct taxes are paid depending on which country the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to.

Sales Report
- Calculate the total amount of sales by day, week or month.
Products Viewed - View which products have been viewed the most or had the most interest from your visitors.
Products Purchased - View which products have been sold the most so you can better plan marketing campaigns to boost sales.


Unlimited product images
Upload multiple images of the same product helping buyers to know the product better. Use different viewing angles, use zoom shots for details, written content on the product.

Unlimited Categories
Each user is unique and the site has to cater to different buying behaviors. Building an intuitive navigation and category structure is critical for driving Users to their intended products efficiently. Build multiple category paths for users to reach the product.

Show related products
Assign related products allowing user for a better buying experience. It also increases to higher order value by providing ideas. Powerfull product assignment tool helps quick selection of related products leading to high conversion with interactive buying experience.

Banner management
Upload multiple banners and assign them to different sections of the site. Set rules on location and schedule for how your banners will show up.

Track and process orders easily
Order listing screen is a one stop location to review all orders. Powerful search, expandable view and export in different formats provides for a very user friendly yet highly efficient tool to manage orders. Capture every step of the order whether it is related to the stock, customer, logistics or payment. All comments are captured in form of a log for quick retrieval at any point making customer care agents effective and keeping users happy.

Organize your Inventory
Manage inventory with user friendly addition and updation of products. Create different combination of products to be sold together. Update stock through bulk import utility.

Add to Wish List
Visiter can place items that they like on a wish list for future purchase. This tool invites users to revisit your site and fill up their carts easier than ever before.

Custom set up Discounts
Flexible discounting rules allow for variety of promotions to increase conversion rates. Set flat discounts, free shipping schemes, free options to promote your products.

Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers
Set coupons, discount rules and conditions including number of uses and valid date range. Select from % Discount, Fixed Discount, Free shipping for getting users coming back to your store.

Control access to your stores
Create different users to manage store operations by assigning limited access to admin screens. Define read, create, modify and delete rights to each user in order to protect your confidential data.

Manage your store as a B2B application
Customer Groups
- Define different customers groups such as default, retail or wholesale and set different prices for each group.
Logged In Display Prices - Set your store to display prices to only logged in customers.
Quantity Discount - Set price breaks depending on the quantity of being ordered by the customer. You can set the quantity discount to work with the customer groups so you can set different quantity discounts for each group.

Ecommerce Website Design
Ecommerce Website Design
  Ecommerce Website Development   Ecommerce development   Ecommerce website development  
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Ecommerce Website Development
Budget Friendly Ecommerce Hosting Plans
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Ecommerce Pro Best Ecommerce Hosting
Everything You Need! Perfect for merchants who need the most complete cart

Single Domain Hosing UNLIMITED Disk Space UNLIMITED Bandwidth Shared SSL Certificate
Rs.10,000/- Per Year
Pay Per Open Mail
Payment Gateway plans as per the service providers contract and terms of services....
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