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High ROI Based Package

Pay only for the traffic that drive to your desired site via cost per link clicked purely targeted package. Zero percent delivery tension. Maximum output from digital marketing. Cost per link clicked is a unique email marketing mode that helps you proactively reach your targeted audience in a very cost effective manner - maximizing your ROI. You are not at the mercy of you prospects to search you on different search engines. Pay per link clicked email campaigning will help you reach your targeted audience fast without paying for simple email marketing campaigning making it more targeted and cost effective. Moreover in email marketing you can choose your targeted audience based on your product, services or current offers. All these factors give you reason enough to make cost per link click email marketing you first choice.

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Mid usage email markeitng   Pay Per Open Email
Create your professional e-mail campaign
  • 100+ per designed templates to get you going fast just copy paste your text, or use the editor to insert and format text insert images (logo or project anything you want) add links, create tables lot more...getting you all set to target your market.
  • Upload your email campaign from your computer or you can send web page as your email campaign.
  • You can test your email campaign for spam check so as to target your email campaign right into the inbox before sending your campaign.
  • Target more personalized email campaign like by first name, company name etc. making your campaign more lead generating.
  • Send attachments
  • Have full control over your campaign using scheduler.
  • Send unsubscribe link to let your targeted clients unsubscribe from your campaign list automatically.
  • Target Ur Market has a no tolerance spam policy. You can use double opt-in email list only.
Create targeted contact list
  • Create unlimited categorized contact lists.
  • Import your email data into your contact list directly in one go or you can easily add individual email data.
  • Filter and sort your data for duplicate email ids or bad data making your email campaigning list refined for targeting your campaign.
  • Segment your emailing list as per your requirement for targeted email marketing campaign.
  • Process your bounce emails and automatically delete them form your inbox and contact list so as to prevent sending emails to those data next time.
  • Create custom fields to maintain your contact details like - Specific text based entry, Yes or No tick mark, Radio button option, or multiple line text entry for specific comments or remarks.
  • Keep your lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically.
Track your email campaign
  • From the statistics tab you can see exactly who opened your email and when. You can view the open rate report. See which links were clicked, by who and when.
  • Keep a track of your campaing Total open statistics, Unique statistics, Most popular link of the campaing. This will help you in getting proficiency in email marketing.

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Designing Services

Get custom design - Need tweaks to a template or an entire campaign designed? Let our in-house experts help.

Need landing / sales pages customised to your brand needs with 2.0 looks? Let our sales page experts help.

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